When is Hail Season In Texas? How Can I Protect my Car?

A blue car with hail damage sits on a field with the words "When is Hail Season in Texas? How Can I Protect my Car."

Texas is prone to intense hail storms, with some storms dumping hail as large as grapefruit, as happened in Fort Worth in 1995. Cars, roofs, plants, and glass all suffer greatly when large hail falls. The more protection you provide to property like your car, the less damage you’ll suffer. Texas Hail Season Hail can occur all year round, […]

How to Survive the Post-Hail Storm Damage Scam

Man holds a baseball sized hailstone dropped by a supercell thunderstormonto his dented hood.

It’s a car owner’s worst nightmare: a forecast of heavy hail and no way to get your vehicle out of the line of fire. However, dealerships may be singing “Hallelujah” if a terrible hail storm comes through their neighborhood. If that seems counterintuitive, you might be surprised. Some unscrupulous dealerships take advantage of hail damage […]