Car Paint Types: Which Kind is Right for my Project?

A close up of a car hood painted with metallic green paint with the words "Car Paint Types"

Painting a car can be exciting, but the number of paint options can also make it overwhelming. Once you’ve finally decided on your color and whether or not you want any decals, you’ll find out that there are still choices to be made – namely, what type of car paint and finish you want. Whether […]

10 Best Classic Cars to Restore

An orange classic car sits under the words "Classic Car Restoration"

For those who enjoy restoring cars, the more popular classic cars are generally the most satisfying to restore. There are other factors, however, that play into the attractiveness of restoring specific classic cars, such as resale value and the ease of finding replacement parts. With that in mind, here are the 10 best classic cars to […]

When is Hail Season In Texas? How Can I Protect my Car?

A blue car with hail damage sits on a field with the words "When is Hail Season in Texas? How Can I Protect my Car."

Texas is prone to intense hail storms, with some storms dumping hail as large as grapefruit, as happened in Fort Worth in 1995. Cars, roofs, plants, and glass all suffer greatly when large hail falls. The more protection you provide to property like your car, the less damage you’ll suffer. Texas Hail Season Hail can occur all year round, […]

Automotive Paint and Winter: Everything You Need to Know

Cars driving on slippery road during heavy snowfall

We don’t often think about the paint on our cars too much. As long as we wax it every once in a while and it doesn’t look bad, it goes without notice. Unfortunately, cars face adversity every day, and that often leads to paint damage that needs repair. If this happens in the winter, then you’re […]

A “Totaled” Vehicle May Not be Totally Worthless After All

Insurance agent reviewing car damage with the car

If you’re like most consumers, you believe having your car “totaled” is a worst-case scenario. Some errant driver has collided with your car leaving you nothing but the steering wheel to walk home with. You can witness this sort of embellishment in cartoons and comedy movies. Well, in real life, a serious auto accident is no laughing […]

What You Need to Know Before You Call Your Insurance Company

Woman upset after a fender bender accident

The best driver in the world is still often at the mercy of the traffic around them. While you should always take measures to be as safe as you can, even the best of us are sometimes faced with a wreck. When that happens, information is your weapon to ensure that you get full coverage […]

Paintless Dent Repair: The Affordable Solution You Didn’t Know About  

Backside of new silver car damaged by accident

Dent repairs are often expensive, time-consuming, and a general nightmare for car owners. Every time you get caught in a hailstorm or can’t stop a rogue shopping cart, you’re faced with the dilemma of whether or not the repair is worth the investment. Before you give into despair, you might want to learn about paintless dent repair. […]

Top 10 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Out of the Body Shop

A driver turning left at street corner

Although you can’t completely avoid ever getting into an accident, you can significantly lower this risk by watching how you react to other drivers. Since you can’t control what other drivers do, it’s important to know which moves to make in order to reduce the chance of being involved in a collision. Keep the following […]